Police Operations, Theory and Practice

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Police and Law Enforcement

   The following is an alphabetical list of the products available related to police and law enforcement. For more information, please click on the title in which you are interested.

Community Policing, Partnerships for Problem Solving - With Miller and Hess's community policing text, you'll learn the basics of today's policing environment, while focusing on the essential elements of success: problem solving, community/police collaboration, and partnerships.
Criminal Investigation - This 8th Edition features updated, enhanced coverage of such important topics as terrorism and homeland security, cybercrime, forensics and physical evidence, federal law enforcement investigations, report writing, crimes against children, photography and sketching, preparing and presenting cases in court, and identity theft.
Legal Aspects of Police Supervision - This text begins with an overview of the Constitution, followed by discussions of limitations on policymaking and employment decisions, and examination of Internal Affairs procedures. It thoroughly explores the issues of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, drug testing, and fair labor standards.  Employment law, sexual harassment, and the Americans with Disabilities Act are discussed as well as civil and criminal liability for officers and agencies.
Police Ethics, A Matter of Character - The authors seek to treat police officers as the intelligent and knowledgeable people that they are, instead of discussing what to do and what not to do. This book discusses various schools of ethical thought in a way that works from the ground up, moving from a general understanding toward practical applications.
Police Operations, Theory and Practice - This introductory text covers all major areas of police operations with a focus on community-oriented and problem-oriented policing, which reflects the current direction of progressive police departments.
The Police in America, Classic and Contemporary Readings - This unique reader provides students with a scholarly foundation for understanding police research, theory and practice. The Police in America also includes classic readings and more contemporary writings which directly relate to and build upon the classical works.
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