Preparing for Biological Terrorism, An Emergency Service Guide

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Fire / Rescue and Terrorism

   The following is an alphabetical list of the products available related to Fire/Rescue and Terrorism. For more information, please click on the title in which you are interested. Click here for even more Firefighting resources.

Company Officer - This book was developed to assist paid and volunteer firefighters in the quest to become fire officers. Based on NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Competency, 2003 Edition, this updated book features vital information for those who seek certification as Fire Officer I or II.
Emergency Medical Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents - This text explores the medical aspects of hazardous material response including the initial response, chemical and toxicological information, effects on body systems -- injury and treatment, physiology and treatments of common poisonings.
Encyclopedia of Fire Protection - Designed as an informative reference manual for the beginning fire protection/ engineering student or practicing professional, Encyclopedia of Fire Protection, 2nd Edition is a useful tool for classroom training or as a handy desk reference.
Exam Preparation for Firefighter I & II - Exam Preparation for Firefighter I & II offers aspiring firefighters the essential practice they need to successfully pass any certification exam.
Firefighter's Handbook: Firefighting and Emergency Response - This comprehensive training manual provides you with need to know information critical for development of Firefighter I and II skills, as well as practical advice necessary for proficiency on the job.
Firefighter's Handbook: HazMat - An ideal option for fire departments, academies, and schools in which hazardous materials topics are taught in a separate course, Hazardous Materials Handbook: Awareness & Operations Levels meets the requirements set forth by the 2008 edition of NFPA Standard 472.
Firefighting Strategies and Tactics - This comprehensive text is an ideal building block for aspiring fire officers and an essential review for experienced command officers. Incident command requires background knowledge and application skills in all phases of strategy and tactics - knowing what needs to be done as well as the how it is going to be accomplished.
Fire Officer's Legal HandbookThis all-inclusive legal reference includes discussions, cases and examples that will truly speak to a variety of fire chiefs and officers, municipal officials, emergency managers, and attorneys. The book includes explanations of laws as they relate to firefighting, and covers a broad range of topics including negligence, due process and discipline, Internet privacy, civil liability, employee issues such as drug testing, rescue doctrine, fireground search and seizure, and much more.
Fire Prevention, Inspection and Code Enforcement, 3E - This book features step-by-step explanations and practical examples of the use of model building and fire prevention codes, including detailed information on the legal, economic, and political aspects of the fire inspection process.
First Responder Handbook: Law Enforcement Edition - This book focuses on first responder education for law enforcement personnel, and offers important concepts, skills, and procedures that enable law enforcement officers to provide quality emergency medical care are offered, including safety and ethical considerations, patient care principles, emergency response tactics, and first responder reactions to incidents involving terrorism.
Fundamentals of Basic Emergency Care - Updated to reflect the most current cardiac information, the second edition of Fundamentals of Basic Emergency Care offers a rich learning solution for EMT-Basics with the addition of four new chapters, this innovative book teaches EMT skills through problem-based learning, an approach that presents material in a practical manner and promotes critical thinking.
General Aviation Firefighting For Structural Firefighters - This text provides the basic training material for learning how to deal effectively and safely with a general aviation incident.
Hazardous Materials Air Monitoring and Detection Devices - Updated to the 2007 Edition of NFPA standard 472, Hazardous Materials Air Monitoring/Detection Devices explains technical information in an easy to understand manner, and provides HazMat teams with a thorough guide to effective air monitoring in emergency response situations.
Hazardous Materials Chemistry - The second edition of Hazardous Materials Chemistry explores basic principles of chemistry and toxicology so that first responders can efficiently identify a chemical hazard, anticipate potential outcomes, and make safe and informed decisions.
Hazardous Materials Field Guide - Thoroughly updated for the second edition, the Hazardous Materials Field Guide provides critical information for emergency responders on the scene of an incident.
Hazardous Materials Incidents, Third Edition - Keeping hazardous materials responders up-to-date with national concerns and emerging technologies, Hazardous Materials Incidents, 3E continues to provide practical knowledge of how to effectively and safely respond to hazardous materials incidents.
Introduction to Fire Pump Operations - Thoroughly updated to the 2003 Edition of NFPA Standard 1002 Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications, it teaches readers to efficiently, effectively, and safely operate and maintain fire pumps.
Legal Considerations for Fire and Emergency Services - Written by a lawyer who is also an experienced firefighter, this book examines the most challenging legal issues confronting firefighters and emergency service personnel today.
Management In The Fire Service - provides systematic guidance to help you implement enhanced leadership and decision-making skills.
Managing Fireworks Displays - From planning and pre-event activities to post-operations procedures Managing Fireworks Displays covers the entire process of safely and effectively executing display operations.
Mastering the CPAT, A Comprehensive Guide - This exceptional resource provides aspiring firefighters with the information needed to pass the Candidate Physical Ability Test.
Preparing for Biological Terrorism, An Emergency Service Guide - Preparing for Biological Terrorism contains vitally important information to guide local agencies in their efforts to secure and coordinate the influx of state and federal resources before, during, and after an attack.
Principles of Fire Behavior - This book covers the four forms of fire: diffusion flames, smoldering, spontaneous combustion, and premixed flames. An excellent book for courses in fire science, architecture, and engineering alike.
Principles of Fire Prevention - Principles of Fire Prevention addresses our nation's efforts at fire prevention and the importance of reducing fire loss, and it helps readers understand the value of fire prevention, protection and associated programs.
Study Guide for the Firefighter InterviewThe book describes the importance of interview preparation and outlines several areas that require background knowledge and research. It also provides a framework to structure your overall preparation in order to avoid canned answers and emphasize your unique qualifications, leading to success in acquiring the job.
Visual Dictionary Of Firefighting Tools - Designed especially for visual learners, the Visual Dictionary of Firefighting Tools is a one-stop resource containing definitions for various tools utilized in search and rescue, as well as other resources critical to incident response. Photos and graphics accompany the terms and definitions for easy identification. A handy reference for firefighters, fire officers and instructors, this book will fit into any classroom or fire department.
Wildland Firefighting Practices - This new, well-illustrated text describes in detail all aspects of wildland firefighting. Written in a clear, "how to" style by a seasoned fire officer, it provides a comprehensive explanation of all the skills a firefighter needs to operate effectively against any type of wildland blaze.
CD-ROMs and Software
Firefighter Job Performance Requirements CD-ROM - Designed to reinforce the hands-on skills required in Firefighter I & II training, this interactive CD-ROM takes classroom training to a new level. With gaming-quality animations that present realism and detail, this CD outlines the Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) required by NFPA Standard 1001 and introduced in the Firefighter’s Handbook: Essentials of Firefighting & Emergency Response, 2E.



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